Dirimart Dirimart is hosting Dogan Dogan’s solo exhibition PERSONAS from June 9th through July 11th 2010. The particular body of work, showcased for the first time, is about an act of resistance towards consumption.

Dogan Dogan, who has been featured in several international exhibitons, utilized previously worn pieces of clothing in his most recent exhibition named PERSONAS. Every piece contains various apparel once worn but never discarded by the individuals, torn through the stitches that once held it together and then stitched back on to a bedsheet provided by that particular individual. During this process, the artist goes back to the beginning stage of creation. OnurThe artist transforms the individual pieces into what they were before they were “clothes.” Questions of “how” and “why” pertaining to creation are answered by the clothing of the individuals. Dogan Dogan discovers the individuals’ PERSONAS through a colorful portrait made through stitching, tearing and reassembling on the canvas. He comments on the socio-political values of different age groups, identities and various careers as a whole, while using a patchwork tecnique. In the process of commentary, every single piece is used in all its forms. Nothing extra is added or left out of the surface of the canvas. The artist offers to create something new but does so without consuming extra material.

Portraits, which can vary in economic and social orders can be seen as a reflection of the community. Different portraits guide us in understanding the different ways of existence in the society. What Dogan Dogan investigates, is the true characteristic of the consumer public. The pieces of stripped and torn clothes lay on the canvas effortlessly, they are deconstructed and are no longer looked at as detritus but rather as works of art. A different approach to art is suggested as we try to reuse, recyle and reutilize the used material.

Dogan Dogan, born in 1967, works and lives in Berlin. He started his art education at Städelschule where he studied under the Austrian Professor Hermann Nitsch and he continued his education with Hans Haacke and Simon Starling. Dogan Dogan finished his graduate degree in 2006 and moved from Frankfurt to Berlin. Dogan’s work shows itself as a synthesis of Nitsch’s emotion, Haacke’s political and Starling’s conceptual art education. The artist resided in New York City for a while through an Erasmus and he later travelled to Finland with Helsinki International Artist in Residence Programme (HIAP). The artist has showcased in various exhibitions worldwide and now continues to work in Berlin.

DOGAN DOGAN / PERSONAS, 9 June 2010 – 11 July 2010, Visiting Hours: Monday through Saturday, 10.00 – 19.00


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